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Von Macabre
United States
Current Residence: Boston, MA
Favourite genre of music: Dark Wave/Classical/Ambient/Industrial

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MariDG19 1 day ago  New member
Hi! I am on Colors and I really like your gallery! umm that's all. 
Hello. Yes, I recognize your name :)  Thank you
hey, So in regards to your tumbler about those commissions... hows the paypal account set up thingy going? cause i would totally love to commission you as soon as youre ready- 

and are you only offering portraits? could i send you a picture of two people i would like to see in your style? sorry, i dont mean to jump the gun i just love your style
I will get around to it soon. I tried to make a PayPal account but got a little confused for a bit. Also need to have a debit card to finish it.
My family is still kind of in the middle of all the stuff going on with my father being in the hospital and we're still waiting to find out if he's going to get any better or if we're going to be forced to make a decision.

So yeah, once things have settled down a bit, I will get things done and ready for commission work.
I could probably do things other than portraits. I just get portraits done the quickest and more a little more confident in them than I do with other subjects. But I'd be willing to listen.
PastaBaconNoodle Dec 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Ahaha, hi .u. I do have a Colors account (Same username, if you were wondering, hehe), I am following you (NOT A FOLLOWER BEGGER, I SWEAR), and imma watch you... like an Espurr... o_o

What am I doing? Can I ask that? Please?

Okay I'm kinda shy.
Are you asking me if you can ask what you're doing?
Sure, you can ask.
I'm not sure what you're doing, however.
Don't be shy. Try again later.
MEXlCO Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, hi! ish me, Sychowolf! from colors ewe
xtreemgamer129 Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, since youre a vampire and all, maybe you'd know the answer to something i've been wondering... see i used to be a vampire, but i got bored with it and got a necromancer-turned-priest to cure me and bring me back to the living... but its been a while and now i miss being a vampire... is it possible for me to become one again, or did my getting cured make me immune?
You can regain this disease. But you must first traverse through lands of unfathomable horrors filled with the greasiest chicken you'll ever have the displeasure of eating. Don't bother packing any other type of food. It won't last you the entire journey.
After entering the doorway, be sure to take the first right after the 1950's billboard that advertises Coca Cola as a drink that will make you 100% cooler among your peers. Down the road you will come across a talking cow that stands up right. It will teleport you into a land of cows. Resist the urge to slaughter the cows.
At the end of this land, over the mountains and through the meadow, you'll come across a little village hidden in the woods where the children never grow old. Ignore it. But feel free to take their prize dagger. Or sword... It may be a small sword.... I don't know, they're children. Make your way passed a town with a windmill where storms frequent the area. Wander beyond the milk bar. Make your way to the main town where a large castle rests. At the entrance of this town, you will see a door to your right where you can demolish hundreds of clay pots for money. Do this until you have acquired exactly $999. Leave this place and continue through the fields. Resist the urge to slay any chickens.
Once you've made your way to the end of this field, crawl into the large green pipe. At the end of the pipe, you will discover a kingdom with a severe drug problems. Grab a flute during your stay in the desert here. Make your way to the nearby race tracks and keep touching the colorful floating question mark blocks until you obtain a banana peel. Resist the urge to eat any mushrooms here.
You'll be unable to backtrack in this land, once you start walking. So you'll have to push on. Keep going until you get to the underwater portion. Hop on the first boat out of there and drift for a while until you see land again. Step onto said land and avoid any tall grass. The monsters within the tall grass are dangerous. Pocket-sized, but still dangerous. Talk to an old man in a nearby lab and offer him the $999 from before. Argue with him about how valuable your form of currency is, even if it's not the form of currency they use there. Keep this up until he gives up and hands you a red and white ball. Walk back outside, into the tall grass, and throw this ball at the first monster you see. Hold B.
Travel north until you come across a cave. Enter the cave. Resist the urge to approach any bats. Nevermind, they'll approach you a million times over and this is unavoidable.
Leave the cave from the other end and play your flute. You will be carried away, just as I have probably gotten carried away with these directions.
You'll be dropped off in West Philadelphia born and raised 
On the playground where I spent most of my days 
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool 
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school 
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good 
Started making trouble in my neighborhood 
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared 
And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air" 
Move in with aunt and uncle. Tell them about how you wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. How catching them was your real test and training them was your cause. You will suddenly be ambushed by a blue-haired man, a red-haired woman, and a talking cat. Pause life and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, then unpause. You'll be given 99 lives. Offer them to the cat. It will be an improvement from just having 9 and the cat will be so overwhelmed by your generosity that it will let you pass without question. Say goodbye to auntie and uncle. Resist urge to take cab.
By this point, you'll be halfway to your destination. Do not resist the urge to use the nearest save point, because a boss battle will be coming up shortly after. But before you press on, collect 7 emeralds. They're pretty chaotic, so take caution when carrying them. Once obtained, sell them in an auction house. This will allow you to bribe the boss. Alternatively, you can enter a shop, buy a whip, head left until you reach a dead-end, and just kneel against the wall for a moment. I know, it sounds odd. But doing so will grant you a free ride to a new land where people sparkle in the sun. Resist the urge to join them.
Use your whip against these people. Use it against any shirtless werewolves while you're at it. Rack up those points until you've reached a high score. Wander aimlessly through the woods until you come across a cliff. Make a sacrifice there and a castle will suddenly form atop the cliff. Enter the castle and make your way to the top. Usually just beyond the clock tower is where you'll find the room at the top where you will confront the vampire king. Talk to him about what a man is. He'll tell you that they are a miserable pile of secrets. Agree with him. If you say no, he will throw his wine glass to the floor and you know you're gunna have a bad time.
Just smile and nod. He will grant you a SUMMER ticket to Hotel Transylvania. Leave his room and wander around the castle for a few months while you wait for the summer time to come. If you get hungry, smash the walls for free chicken. Remember that greasy chicken I told you about? Yeah, stock up, because it's gunna be a while. Just be prepared to gain a lot of weight. Resist the urge to pester the flea men.
Once summer time comes, take a plane the the hotel. Spend a night there dressed as a Frankenstein so that no one knows you're human. Resist the urge to each bagels with scream cheese. Or don't. They're actually delicious.
Remember that banana peel you stored in your inventory a while back? Equip that. Lay it out at the top of the steps in the main lobby of the hotel. Lay down at the bottom of the steps. Wait until nightfall. One of two vampires will slip on the banana peel, fall down the stairs, and land on your neck, fang first.
And viola! Achievement unlocked! You will achieve vampire status once again.
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